Giving Hope - About Calicinto Ranch


 Calicinto Ranch is a 501(c)(3) organization-we are all about giving hope, purpose and joy to America's youth!



Giving children a life-changing experience!


To break the cycles of at-risk youth of incarcerated parents.


Redirecting lives - Prevent crime.


Together, we can reach lives - help out communities, families, schools, and our country.


Children are lavished with love, kindness, respect, and positive words.

They are encouraged to be forgiving and merciful. The Mentors pave the way for these children by being good examples and giving up their rights to have their way.

Calicinto uses the nationally recognized program 2nd Step to teach problem solving and anger resolution.

We teach the kids Character Counts (Internationally Accredited Program) and use many of the animal stories from Character First (Nationally Recognized Program). As the children hear how a deer shows attentiveness, they quickly relate and understand how they too can demonstrate attentiveness.

A Law Enforcement Officer comes and speaks to the children about his responsibility to protect and serve them and the community. He shares how to be good citizens, and he explains the importance of obeying the laws and knowing the consequences. For the first time many of these children are able to approach an officer without hate, fear, or anger.

The excitement and enthusiastic attitudes the children demonstrate as they move from one activity to another, is quite a joy to witness. Some of these activities are: Riding horses, enjoying healthy all you can eat homemade meals, cooling off in the swimming pool, making crafts, playing basketball and volleyball, holding little farm animals, and playing a whole lot of country games. The children are shown how to carry these same attitudes over in other areas of their lives such as: writing letters of gratefulness, keeping things clean and tidy, and making right choices. They learn the value of respect and teamwork. They develop a relationship with a wholesome mentor, and for many of them, they experience a safe nights sleep!

Our hope is to redirect children's lives so they will start new traditions and will break the cycle of crime that was set before them. To give them hope for a fulfilled, productive life so they can make a difference in their families, schools, and communities. These children are shown "remodeling through modeling."