BGPF, Boys & Girls of Prisoners Foundation - A ministry of Calicinto Ranch

Boys & Girls of Prisoners Foundation - BGPF

"The Pirelli family, founders of the Boys and Girls of Prisoner’s Foundation’s Calicinto Ranch in San Jacinto, chose to do something about this problem because of a child’s cry to God in a Sunday School classroom for his daddy that was taken away to prison in 2002."

"Sunday school teacher Sophia Pirelli shared with her family how this little boy’s tears and pain touched her heart. That day the family said the Lord but a desire and passion in their hearts to serve and minister to the vulnerable children of incarcerated parents. At that point the family chose to dedicate the family ranch to the high-risk forgotten hurting and needy young victims."

Our hope is to redirect children’s lives so they will start new traditions and will break the cycle of crime that was set before them,” said Pirelli. “To give them hope for a fulfilled, productive life so they can make a difference in their families, schools and communities. These children are shown ‘remodeling through modeling.

Today, BFPF Calicinto Ranch welcomes children from any and all cities in the 10 Southern California counties. The majority of the children visiting the ranch come from Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange counties. The ranch offers a western setting with horses, hayrides, campfires, archery, swimming, and farm animals that takes the children out of their city environment and allows them the relax, have fun and experience encouragement.

Direction and Motivation: The fun of moving from one exciting activity to another from petting and holding young farm animals, to riding horses, playing volleyball, making crafts and playing country games helps them regain good attitudes. They are also encouraged to write letter of gratefulness, keeping things clean and tidy and just to make the right choices. The Mentors provide them with a meaningful relationship and the value of wholesome friends, and the importance of staying “on the right path.”

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